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6" Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors
by McCoy

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Ice Smoke Translucent Blue

Product Description

LIFETIME Blade Guarantee!*

We tested the standard 5.5" scissors and found a few issues that we've addressed with these all new scissors.

  • The blades of standard scissors just aren't long enoungh to cut most bandages easily and quickly. So we lengthened them a bit, but no so much as to keep them from fitting easily into a pocket or organizer.
  • 5.5" scissors don't give you enough leverage. We've found that our 6" overall length scissors are the perfect cutting length.
  • The cutting angle of most 5.5" scissors is a bit too severe to cut easily once you get under the bandage. We've lessened the angle for better ergonomic cutting.
  • Plastic tips and thickened steel safety tips are, well... safe, but nothing gets under a tightly wrapped bandage quite as easily and quickly as our 90 degree bend safety tip. It won't harm your patient, and gets the job done quicker.
  • Our thumbhole is more rounded than most. Sure, most people's thumbs are ovoid, but people don't just stick their thumb straight through the hole and cut. They bend it slightly meaning an oval hole presses into the back of your thumb. Try it sometime!
  • And last and most importantly, we made our new scissors from surgical grade 420J2 Stainless Steel, the same metal commonly used in diving knives! Our blades won't rust, corrode, or break. And they'll hold their edge for years under normal use. There are much more expensive metals out there, but this strikes the perfect balance between everyday toughness and affordability.


  • 420J2 Japanese Stainless Steel blades guaranteed for life*
  • 6" bandage scissors
  • Standard 90 degree angle safety tip
  • Chemical resistant polypropylene handles designed for maximum confort and leverage
  • These scissors are virtually weather-proof, perfect for emergency workers!
  • Autoclavable to 290 degrees

Limited Lifetime Blade Guarantee - The blades of these scissors are guaranteed for life against normal use corrosion and breakage. What defines "normal use"? Most hospital and outdoor applications, not including exposure to highly corrosive acids, bases, etc. Lifetime guarantee does not cover edge retention. Breakage guarantee is for blades only. Does not apply to handles.

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UPC: 681139023407
Vendor: McCoy
Style/Model Number: MC48002

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