Dog: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health
by Case, Linda P.

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Now completed updated in this new edition, here is the definitive book on a cherished member of 38% of households in the United States. The Dog is a comprehensive guide to four areas of compelling interest: the bond between dogs and humans; canine behavior; canine health and disease; and canine nutrition. Writing in a clear, understandable way, author Linda Case explains selective breeding, training principles, solutions to common behavior problems, preventive health care, and diet that will enhance the human-dog bond for owners. Distinctive figures and tables, complete lists of current references plus suggested readings, and a glossary aid comprehension. More in-depth than most dog books available, This book fills a need for a text in undergraduate companion animal courses, veterinary technician courses, and dog care/training courses and is an indispensable resource for professional breeders, trainers, exhibitors, and veterinary clinicians.

Product Information
Binding: Hardcover
Specs: 496 pages | 2.68 Lbs
ISBN: 0813812542
ISBN-13: 9780813812540
Edition: 2
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing | Publish Date 05/05 | Copyright 2005

Table Of Contents:

Ch. 1.    Man and wolf : the process of domestication
Ch. 2.    Selective breeding : the creation of the working dog
Ch. 3.    The dog's body : structure, movement, and special senses
Ch. 4.    Reproduction and breeding management
Ch. 5.    Genetics and breeding programs
Ch. 6.    Sharing our lives with dogs : benefits and responsibilities
Ch. 7.    Developmental behavior : puppy to adult
Ch. 8.    Understanding normal canine behavior
Ch. 9.    Learning processes and training principles
Ch. 10.    Common behavior problems and solutions
Ch. 11.    Infectious diseases and vaccination programs
Ch. 12.    Common noninfectious disorders of dogs
Ch. 13.    Internal parasites
Ch. 14.    External parasites
Ch. 15.    First aid procedures for dogs
Ch. 16.    Nutrient requirements of the dog
Ch. 17.    Providing a healthy diet
Ch. 18.    Feeding for health throughout life
Ch. 19.    Nutritionally responsive disorders in dogs

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