Scope-ster Stethoscope Holster
by Scopester

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Product Description

Invented by Dr. Gigi Lefebvre, the Stethoscope Holster is a common sense solution to the problem of carrying and storing stethoscopes. 

  • Eliminates neck stiffness caused by draping stethoscope around neck 

  • Lessens chance of patient being struck by a swinging stethoscope

  • Minimizes stethoscope tubing damage caused by skin oils

  • Reduces chances of lost, misplaced or damaged stethoscopes  

This unique, patented device clips firmly to the health care professional's belt or waistband with a spring loaded belt clip. May also be attached to scrub tops (for those who do not tuck in their tops) . The front of the device has a recess to hold a stethoscope chest piece. Receptacles on the sides hold the stethoscope earpieces.

Available in five colors to match your scrubs!!!


Fits most stethoscopes.

Wall Bracket Safely and Conveniently Stores your Stethoscope...

Each Stethoscope Holster comes with a unique, patent pending wall bracket

When removed from the health care practitioner's belt, the Stethoscope Holster and stethoscope can be hung on a wall, locker or cart for convenient storage. 

The health care practitioner's name can be written on the wall bracket, eliminating mix-ups and lost stethoscopes. 

Product Information
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Vendor: Scopester
Style/Model Number: ST241

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