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Innovations in Play Therapy: Issues, Process and Special Populations
by Landreth, Garry L. EdD

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Specs: 328 pages | 1.18 Lbs
ISBN: 1560328819
ISBN-13: 9781560328810
Edition: 1
Publisher: Brunner Mazel, Incorporated | Publish Date 12/00 | Copyright 2001

Table Of Contents:

About the Editor
I.    Special Considerations for the Role of the Play Therapist
1.    Facilitative Dimensions of Play in the Play Therapy Process
           Garry L. Landreth
2.    Essential Personality Characteristics of Effective Play Therapists
           Tina Edling Harris, Garry L. Landreth
3.    Cultural Considerations In Play Therapy
           Geraldine J. Glover
4.    Play Therapy with Chinese Children: Needed Modifications
           Shu-Chen Kao, Garry L. Landreth
5.    What the Play Therapist Needs to Know about Medications
           Daniel S. Sweeney, Ross J. Tatum
6.    Legal and Ethical Issues in Play Therapy
           Daniel S. Sweeney
7.    The Parents' Part in the Play Therapy Process
           Jodi Crane
II.    Clinical Innovations in Play as a Diagnostic Tool
8.    Play Therapy Behaviors of Physically Abused Children
           JoAnna White, Kay Draper, Nancy Pittard Jones
9.    Play Therapy Behaviors of Sexually Abused Children
           Meredith K. Ater
10.    Identifying Sexually Abused Children in Play Therapy
           Linda E. Homeyer
11.    Diagnostic Assessment of Children's Play Therapy Behavior
           Lessie H. Perry, Garry L. Landreth
III.    Innovative Procedures in Play Therapy
12.    Child-Centered Group Play Therapy
           Garry L. Landreth, Daniel S. Sweeney
13.    Intensive Short-Term Group Play Therapy
           Ashley Tyndall-Lind, Garry L. Landreth
14.    Short-Term Play Therapy
           Shaunda Peterson Johnson
IV.    Play Therapy with Special Populations
15.    Play Therapy with Aggressive Acting-Out Children
           Shaunda Peterson Johnson, Patricia Clark
16.    Play Therapy with Autistic Children
           Wynne Mittledorf, Shirley Hendricks, Garry L. Landreth
17.    Play Therapy for Children with Chronic Illness
           Elizabeth Murphy Jones
18.    Play Therapy with Traumatized Children: A Crisis Response
           Pamela Webb
19.    Play Therapy with Selective Mute Children
           Phyllis Post
20.    Play Therapy with Dissociative Identity Disorder Clients with Child Alters
           Jeffrey W. Klein, Garry L. Landreth
21.    Play Therapy with the Elderly
           Pat Ledyard Haynes
22.    Have Toys - Will Travel: A Traveling Play Therapist in the School Setting
           Brenda Niel, Garry L. Landreth

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