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Veridian 360° Gel Sleeve
by Veridian Healthcare

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Product Description
  • Helps relieve pain and swelling
  • Non-toxic, latex-free
  • Easy to use: freeze, refrigerate, or microwave
  • 4 size options: Finger (1"x4"), Small for Wrists/Elbows (4"x6"), Medium For Ankles/Knees (5"x6"), Large For Thighs (6"x6")

A revolutionary gel sleeve surrounds the treatment area and delivers soothing comfort and compression, while helping to relieve pain and swelling. A durable clinical grade polyurethane gel sleeve ensures the contents remain flexible and conform to body contours. The easy roll-on design allows for hands free application. Includes a cotton compression sleeve to prevent direct contact to skin.

Product Information
Weight: .35Lbs
Vendor: Veridian Healthcare
Style/Model Number: 24955

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