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Practical Approach to Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint. Revised Edition
by Gauldin, Robert

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Practical work in writing counterpoint! This volume emphasizes developing analytical and writing skills in the contrapuntal technique of the eighteenth century. The orientation is strongly stylistic, dealing mainly with the polyphony of the late Baroque period. Three aspects are stressed throughout: practical work in writing counterpoint, utilizing various textures, devices, and genre of the period; historical background, to establish the origins of different forms and justify the pedagogical method employed here; analysis of selections from music literature, often in voice leading reductions. After an opening chapter that reviews some general features of the late Baroque period, there is a brief survey of melodic characteristics and a study of procedures associated with two, three, and four voices. Key features include: initial note-against-note settings employing cantus firmus give way to more involved diminution techniques and then to consideration of the chorale prelude; introduces invertible and imitation counterpoint, culminating in the study of canon, invention, and fugue; and includes appropriately placed separate chapters on chromaticism, contrapuntal devices, variation, and choral writing.

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Specs: 335 pages | 1.07 Lbs
ISBN: 1478604700
ISBN-13: 9781478604709
Old Edition: 0881338532
Edition: 1
Publisher: Waveland Press | Publish Date 03/13 | Copyright 2013

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