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Mr. Superskeleton
by Anatomical Chart Co.

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Product Description

The world's most complete skeleton for school instruction, medical training and patient education. It features joint ligaments, a flexible spine with nerve endings and full indication of muscle origins and insertions painted on one-half of the body. Also holds bending positions.

The skull dissects into 3 pieces with a removable calvarium and lower jaw, with excellent detail and reproduction of the teeth. The mounting of the axial skeleton allows natural movement of the skull on the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae.

The flexible spine includes all spinal nerves and the vertebral artery. A special mounting of the rib cage prevents sagging. The skull, left arm and leg are fully detachable. Muscle insertions in red and origins in blue are painted on the left side of the skeleton. The iliocostal and longissimus muscles are painted differently for clearer understanding. The right side has the ligaments of the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee reproduced in a lifelike manner. The left side of the skeleton is provided with numerical notation of the major bones, bone parts, fissures and foramen.

The skeleton is mounted on a mobile stand with a complete key. Height: 5'5".

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Weight: 30Lbs
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Vendor: Anatomical Chart Co.
Style/Model Number: A13

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