Coronavirus Art Face Mask
by GiantMicrobes

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Product Description

For allergy season, dust storms, and cleaner breathing this mask will protect you in style whatever the situation. This one-of-a-kind limited-edition mask will soon be sold out, so grab a few while supplies last!

Decorated with COVID, this colorful face mask will help keep you safe, healthy and engaging with the world in style. The mask is reusable and soft with a contoured shape for a comfortable snug fit. Sized at 9" x 5.5" with fully adjustable straps to fit women, men and children. The mask has 2 layers of fabric to protect against dust, pollen, powders, microbes and other common airborne irritants.

Sealed in a reusable protective package to keep the mask clean and safe. Wash by hand with warm water and mild soap, air dry.

Product Information
UPC: 846869011234
Vendor: GiantMicrobes
Style/Model Number: GMGK5803

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