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Premier Kinesiology Skeleton: Hang-up Mount, Painted and Labeled
by Denoyer-Geppert

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Product Description
Premier™ Kinesiology Skeleton - Hang-Up Mount
Hand-painted and labeled muscle attachments
Faithfully reproduce life-like positioning and motions of the head, spine, limbs, hand and foot, with natural flexibility. Ideally suited for manipulation and demonstration in kinesiology, orthopedics, physical therapy, and chiropractic.
Ultra-Flex™ flexibly-articulated vertebral column with compressible intravertebral discs, completely life-like bending, twisting, lateral flexion and stretching movements of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions, including the pivoting of the skull on
Flexible hip and shoulder articulations allow a broad range of normal motions — shoulder blades actually rotate on their axes when arms are abducted above shoulder height.
Other demonstratable movements include: flexion and extension of the elbows and knees• hyperextension of the shoulders• medial and lateral rotation of the arms and thighs• pronation and supination of the forearms. One hand and one foot are loosely-articulated with high-tensile nylon filament, permitting manipulation with full visibility of the articulating surfaces. Additional features included are: cervical vertebral arteries• spinal cord with medulla • paired spinal nerve roots • detachable sacral flap which exposes the ramifications of the cauda equina
All the bones on the right half of the skeleton have been enhanced with hand-painted muscle origins (red) and insertions (navy) which have their names hand lettered in place. Where space limitations prevent spelling out muscle names, alphanumeric coding is employed.
Additional colors differentiate the components of the erector spinal muscle complex from other muscles of the neck and back regions — iliocostalis: origins (orange), insertions (yellow) — longissimus: origins (dark green), insertions (light green).
100% non-breakable plastic bones replicast from those of a select male specimen• Stainless-steel fittings• Detachable 4-part skull• Individual extractable/reinsertable teeth — complete with roots — each tooth in its own socket• Detachable spring-articulated mandible• Hinged mandibular flap which opens to expose roots of teeth in their sockets• Detachable calvaria for access to the neuro-cranium
FREE with every Premier Skeleton regardless of series. Skeletal Lab Investigations Package to flesh-out your skeletal instruction. Package contents: 14-page illustrated guide surveying essential features of the axial and appendicular skeletons, bone structure, joint types and articulations, plus a full transcript of the • 26 minute CD-rom The Human Skeleton • Set of 16 reproducible review and test-sheet copy masters — diagrams, illustrations and quiz questions printed on the front — answer keys on the reverse.

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Vendor: Denoyer-Geppert
Style/Model Number: DG59L

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