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Teeth and Jaw Development 4-Part Series
by Denoyer-Geppert

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Product Description
Teeth and Jaw Development
4-Part Series
Four life-size unbreakable plastic models, mounted on a single hardwood base, trace the development of human jaws and teeth from birth through adulthood.
Each model depicts the right half of the maxilla and mandible cut open to expose the roots of the teeth and developing teeth within the jaws. Color-coded to identify deciduous, successional and superadded permanent teeth, this series includes jaws of newborn, 5-year old, 9-year old and adult.
Autographed Anatomy Models: The only models in the world which are personally autographed and dated by their handcrafter! • 100% American-made, every step in the production of every Autographed Anatomy model - molding, hand sanding, hand painting, number-coding, labeling and autographing - is carried out here in our DGi Skokie factory. • Quality is unsurpassed. • Delivery is from stock. • And should you ever have the need, replacement parts, repairs and refurbishing of your Autographed Anatomy model are just a toll-free phone call away.
And every Autographed Anatomy model carries our Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction - We will repair or replace any component of any Autographed Anatomy model which proves defective due to our workmanship, for as long as you own the model - no charge, of course.
Overall dimensions: 9x18x4 inches (23x46x10 cm).

Product Information
Weight: 2.85Lbs
UPC: 000000095662
Vendor: Denoyer-Geppert
Style/Model Number: DG010800

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