Wall Mount Thermometer/Sanitizer Station
by McCoy

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Product Description

Digital Infrared Thermometer Automatic Liquid Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser Non-contact

Infrared thermometer can meaure temperature within 2-4 inch distance from hand. When the temperature is over the normal temperature value, the non-contact digital thermometer will display a red light and make a sound. Ttemperature can show readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


  • Product size: 4.7"W (119mm) * 5.25"D (133mm) * 11"H (280mm)
  • Power supply mode: DC5V 1A
  • Measurement method: infrared induction
  • Measuring distance: 5-10cm
  • Allowable error: ± 0.2 ?
  • Measurement time: 2 seconds
  • Liquid bottle capacity: 1000ml (clean window volume scale on side)
  • Liquid type: gel hand sanitizer, liquid hand sanitizer, gel soap

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Wall Mount Thermometer
Wall Mount Thermometer
by McCoy
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