Disposable PPE Lab Coat Retail Packaged
by Code Red

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Product Description
  • Lab coat with elastic wrists.
  • (Coats are not marked with sizes on the packaging. The sizes are on a small tag on the inside of the coat in the shoulder or armpit.)
  • GreenShield™ lab coats provide excellent protection against fine dusts and liquid splashes, yet they remain soft and breathable for comfort that lasts all day.
  • Combining unbeatable pricing with superior comfort and protection, MaxShield™ lab coats provide a green solution for your disposable lab coat needs. GreenShield™ lab coats are made of microporous film laminate, which is a great cost-effective alternative to Tyvek®.
  • Not only do the MaxShield™ lab coats provide a great value, they are recycled, which means that they are environmentally friendly.

Product Information
UPC: 6811390356410
Vendor: Code Red
Style/Model Number: 1211SRP

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