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Thank you for spending time with us and browsing through our site.

For over fifty years, McCoy Health Science Supply has been dedicated to serving the health science marketplace. Over the years we have evolved from a small, family-owned venture to a nationwide, employee-owned source of health science supplies.

Today, the employees own over 70% of the company. As you can imagine, this makes for a unique place to work! McCoy practices open-book management with all employee-owners receiving financial information twice a month in company meetings. Employee-owners are given information, support and resources to allow them to make the best possible decisions in the best interest of our customers and to make those decisions in a timely fashion.

At McCoy, you are always talking to an owner!
There is something to be said for going straight to the top! As an employee-owned company, everyone at McCoy has a stake in the company. McCoy employee-owners express how they feel with their slogan: "I don't just work here, I own the place!"

Our mission: To distribute excellence in both product and service, while forming a lasting partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Embracing the Future

Because people come first and ownership is central to the culture of our company, it's very natural that each of us at McCoy recognizes the importance of "embracing the future." As an organization, we are constantly investing in the people, research and finances that will support innovation and the development of diverse applications of technology. For McCoy's employee-owners, embracing the future means finding ways to help our customers be efficient and informed, in order to make your everyday work lives a bit easier.

As the winner of the 1994 St. Louis Small Business Award, McCoy was recognized as the very essence of what business can be - an organization of people who put the individual first, and inspire a strong work ethic in each other.

The employee-owners of McCoy aren’t satisfied with simply representing our rich heritage. We are dedicated to generating dynamic growth and leading our industry in the ability to drive change and embrace the future.

We appreciate your time and the Employee-Owners of McCoy look forward to serving you!

McCoy Health Science Supply
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