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Stellar Interiors: Physical Principles, Structure, and Evolution. Text with CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh
by Hansen, Carl J.

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Product Description
This text, designed for beginning students of stellar physics, introduces the fundamentals of stellar structure and evolution. In emphasizing the general picture of the life cycles of stars and the physics responsible, it also allows prospective specialists a taste of many of the detailed aspects of this mature discipline. The authors develop a solid foundation in important theory that is often overlooked in typical courses, yet steer clear of extraneous intensive mathematics and physics. Topics include nuclear physics and stellar energy sources, the equation of state of stellar material, phenomenological approaches to convection, and modern numerical techniques for computation of stellar evolution. Keeping pace with recent developments, the authors incorporate important elements such as asteroseismology, and the effects of rotation and magnetic fields. The text contains the source code for two useful programs, ZAMS (for constructing chemically homogeneous zero-age main sequence models) and PULS (to study the seismological properties of the ZAMS models). Some chapters include exercises. The diskette can be used on any computer with a FORTRAN compiler.

Product Information
Binding: with Supplement
Specs: 526 pages | 2 Lbs
ISBN: 0387200894
ISBN-13: 9780387200897
Edition: 2
Publisher: Springer Nature | Publish Date 2004 | Copyright 2004

Table Of Contents:

1.    Preliminaries
2.    An Overview of Stellar Evolution
3.    Equations of State
4.    Radiative and Conductive Heat Transfer
5.    Heat Transfer by Convection
6.    Stellar Energy Sources
7.    Stellar Modeling
8.    Asteroseismology
9.    Structure and Evolution of the Sun
10.    Structure and Evolution of White Dwarfs
A.    Mini Stellar Glossary
B.    Table of Symbols and Physical Constants
C.    List of Journal Abbreviations

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