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Foot and Mouth Disease: Current Perspectives
by Sobrino, Francisco

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Binding: Hardcover
Specs: 600 pages | 2.32 Lbs
Edition: 1
Publisher: CRC Press | Publish Date 08/04 | Copyright 2004

Table Of Contents:

Stepping stones in foot-and-mouth research : a personal view
           F. Brown
Genome organisation, translation and replication of foot-and-mouth disease virus RNA
           Graham J. Belsham, Encarnacion Martinez-Salas
Foot-and-mouth disease virus proteinases
           Martin D. Ryan, Michelle L. L. Donnelly, Mike Flint, Vanessa M. Cowton, Garry Luke, Lorraine E. Hughes, Caroline Knox, Pablo de Felipe
Structure of foot-and-mouth disease virus particles
           Cristina Ferrer-Orta, Ignacio Fita
Clinical signs of foot-and-mouth disease
           Alex Donaldson
Persistence of foot-and-mouth disease virus
           Jeremy Salt
Molecular aspects of foot-and-mouth disease virus virulence and host range : role of host cell receptors and viral factors
           Barry Baxt, Elizabeth Rieder
Immunology of foot-and-mouth disease
           Kenneth C. McCullough, Francisco Sobrino
Functional and structural aspects of the interaction of foot-and-mouth disease virus with antibodies
           Mauricio G. Mateu, Nuria Verdaguer
Quasispecies dynamics and evolution of foot-and-mouth disease virus
           Esteban Domingo, Carmen M. Ruiz-Jarabo, Armando Arias, Juan Garcia-Arriaza, Cristina Escarmis
Modern inactivated foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccines : historical background and key elements in production and use
           S. J. Barteling
Foot-and-mouth disease virus peptide vaccines
           David J. Rowlands
Mathematical models of the epidemiology and control of foot-and-mouth disease
           Mark E. J. Woolhouse
Natural habitats in which foot-and-mouth disease viruse is maintained
           Wilna Vosloo, Gavin R. Thomson
Diagnosis and control of foot-and-mouth disease
           R. P. Kitching
Control of foot-and-mouth disease : role of international organizations
           J. Blancou, Y. Leforban, J. E. Pearson
Overview of foot-and-mouth disease and its impact as a re-emergent viral infection
           Brian W. J. Mahy

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