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Interview Guide for Evaluating DSM-5-TR Psychiatric Disorders and the Mental Status Examination
by Zimmerman, Mark MD

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This book provides questions for evaluating pschiatric disorders. DSM-5-TR lists the disorders and their criteria, but it does not guide the beginnerin inquiry for them. Students and clinicians in training are relatively unfamiliar with psychiatric diagnoses, and they cannot possibly remember all of the disorders and their corresponging diagnostic criteria within a short period of study. Moreover, it is often not obvious what questions to ask to determine the symptom's presence. How do you inquire for thought withdrawal, delusions of reference,panic attacks, obsessions, identity distrubance,mood instability, etc? Even more basic, how do you begin the interview? The Interview Guide consists of questions for the most common DSM-5 diagnoses including the personality disorders. This book is not a standardized interview,to be started on page x and followed until page xx. Rather it is a quick reference to be used in the context of a clinical interview. If a patient complains of depression, the interviewer can turn to the section on major depression and assess the relevant symptoms.This book is organized by diagnosis and contains 9 sections.

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Binding: Softcover
Specs: 158 pages | .22 Lbs
ISBN: 0963382128
ISBN-13: 9780963382122
Old Edition: 096338211X
Edition: 2
Publisher: Psych Products Press | Publish Date 02/23 | Copyright 2023
Format: Pocketbook

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