Disposable 10g Monofilament Box of 20
by McCoy

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Product Description
American Diabetes Association standard of care guidelines recommend screening all diabetic patients’ neurological status using the 5.07 (10g) monofilament annually and quarterly for high risk diabetics. Monofilament testing is a simple noninvasive independent predictor of risk for diabetic foot lesions. The 5.07 monofilament has been accepted as the medical standard for screening of the minimum level of protective sensation in the foot.

Disposable paper-handled 5.07 monofilament. 

  • Meets the 10-gram force range for testing diabetic foot sensation.
  • Box of 20


Semmes Weinstein Monofilament Test Instructions

1. Place patient in supine or sitting position with shoes and socks removed.

2. Touch the monofilament wire to patient’s skin on arm or hand to demonstrate what the
touch feels like.

3. Instruct patient to respond “yes” each time they feel the pressure of the monofilament on
their foot during the exam.

4. Instruct patient to close their eyes with toes pointing straight up during the exam.

5. Hold the monofilament perpendicular to the patient’s foot.

6. Press it against the foot, increasing the pressure until the monofilament bends into a C-
shape.  Do not apply over ulcer, callus, scar, or necrotic tissue. Do not slide
monofilament over the skin.

7. Hold in place for about 1 second. Press the filament to the skin such that it buckles at one
of two times as you say "time one" or "time two." Have patients identify at which time they were
touched. Randomize the sequence of applying the filament throughout the examination.

8. Locations for testing: dorsal midfoot, plantar aspect of foot including pulp of the first, third,
and fifth digits, the first, third and fifth metatarsal heads, the medial and lateral midfoot and
the calcaneus.

9. Record response on foot screening form with “+” for yes and “-“ for no.

10. When the Monofilament is not felt, protective sensation is absent placing the person at
high risk for development of a neuropathic ulcer.

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