Lactation and the Mammary Gland
by Akers, R. Michael

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Michael Akers provides the basics for understanding mammarydevelopment and lactation and conveys the critical regulatoryevents in lactation. This text willl prove to be an invaluableoverview of mamorary development and lactation for undergraduatesand graduates studying lactation, new researchers, and as a reviewfor established scientists. Additionally, the book will be animportant resource for professionals in the animal and dairyindustry and for those in other scientific disciplines such as foodchemistry, cell biology, and endocrinology whose work is closelytied to mammary gland development and function. ...Lactation and the Mammary Gland covers growth anddevelopment of the mammary gland including comparisons betweenspecies. It imparts and emphasizes the critical nature of mammarygrowth and the onset of lactation at the time of parturition.Special emphasis is given to the endocrine and growth factorregulation of both mammogenesis and lactogenesis. A thoroughdiscussion of the role of growth hormone in development andmaintenance of lactation or galactopoiesis adds to this book'svalue as a text and reference. The author reviews the presence ofhormones, growth factors, and other bioactive compounds in milk andmammary secretions as well as the potential for use of the mammarygland as a bioreactor in the pharmaceutical industry. A descriptionof the nutritional and management factors in milk production roundout the book's comprehensive coverage.

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Specs: 278 pages | 1.69 Lbs
ISBN: 0813829925
ISBN-13: 9780813829920
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Inc. | Publish Date 07/02 | Copyright 2002

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