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Premier Standard Disarticulated Skeleton with Case
by Denoyer-Geppert

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Product Description
Premier Standard Disarticulated Skeleton with locking compartmented case
With every Premier Disarticulated Half Skeleton you get the following standard features: 4-part skull with individual extractable teeth• detachable calvaria• detachable spring-articulated mandible• hinged mandibular section which opens to expose roots of teeth in their sockets• one hand and one foot loosely articulated on high tensile nylon filament• vertebrae loosely strung in sequence on (and detachable from) high tensile nylon filament• intervertebral discs• hyoid• sternum with costal cartilages• sacrum with coccyx• all other bones individual and disarticulated
FREE with every Premier Half Skeleton regardless of series. Skeletal Lab Investigations Package to flesh-out your skeletal instruction. Package contents: 14-page illustrated guide surveying essential features of the axial and appendicular skeletons, bone structure, joint types and articulations, plus a full transcript of the • 26 minute CD-rom The Human Skeleton • Set of 16 reproducible review and test-sheet copy masters — diagrams, illustrations and quiz questions printed on the front — answer keys on the reverse.

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UPC: 000000096812
Vendor: Denoyer-Geppert
Style/Model Number: DG72C

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